The pace is picking up as we race towards Christmas.  Its very easy to put self care on the side line when times are busy, but allowing yourself a little breathing space will pay off big time.
Stress is stress as far as our bodies are concerned.  The physiological response is to get us ready for flight or fight.  In other words cortisol levels rise.  This is part of our natural defence mechanism and is all well and good in the short term. In todays world many are in a constant state of stress and this really does us no good at all.  Our bodies absolutely need to balance stress with sleep, relaxation and rest.  Time spent not doing but just being.

Treatments such as Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology are invaluable as a way to manage the pressure of daily life.

A simple 30 minute treatment will put the central nervous system into a state of relaxation.  When you body is relaxed in this way, its innate healing systems can focus on restoring balance and harmony.
To receive this treatment all that is asked is that you lay quietly.  No need to remove clothes.  Just rest and allow you mind, body and soul to relax.

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