Cleansing, its generally thought of as step 1 in a good skincare routine. It is important to clean but, its super, super important not over do it. The trick is to remove make up, dust and dirt without stripping away all the good oil or your skin’s microbiome. The key word is gentle! Over cleansing dry or sensitive skins can be a disaster! Leaving dry skins even dryer and sensitive or sensitised skins even more vulnerable and reactive.

Even the oiliest, spottiest skins don’t do well for being stripped! Why? Because our skin has a very clever feedback mechanism, when you overstrip the natural oils a message relays from the surface that more oil is needed, and voila the oily skin produces even more oil which just tends to compound the problem. With congested or spotty skins its not so much the quantity but the quality of the oil that is the issue. But more on that another day, today we’re focusing on cleansing.

My pick would be a gentle, water soluble, milky cleanser. If I had a $ for all the people who’ve told me they just don’t feel clean without the foam, I’d be a very rich lady indeed, and, I get it, that used to be me so I know its a positive change to make that just takes a tiny bit of getting used to. A milky cleanser can be used in just the same way you would use a foaming cleanser, either in the shower or at the basin. Add a little cleanser to wet hands, apply and massage in thoroughly, adding more water as necessary, before you rinse and repeat.

To encourage you to make the switch, on carry on the good work, you can save $10 on any Janesce Cleanser with any Facial until the end of Feb. Look forward to seeing you soon. Melanie x

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