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Therapeuticholistic skin & face care

At the heart of Beautel is a holistic philosophy and an absolute belief in the healing power of massage and the wisdom of nature. Therapeutic Facials are fantastic for your skin but also a very effective way to support your overall wellbeing.   As well as helping you on your journey to vibrant, glowing skin, I can also help with:-

  • deep relaxation
  • stress
  • poor sleep
  • releasing tight muscles in the head, neck and shoulders,
  • relief from tension headaches, neck pain and TMJ
  • easing muscle and fascia restrictions
  • reducing puffiness with lymphatic drainage
  • recovery from facial surgery
  • natural facelifting and vibrant ageing
  • calming reactive and sensitive skins
  • healing skin issues
  • soothing and balancing rosacea and eczema

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