I’m seeing a lot of ladies with peri oral dermatitis and eczema having flare ups at the moment.  Perioral Dermatitis tends to show up in a muzzle pattern, so around the nose and chin, often in patches, occasionally the whole area will be red & sore.  Eczema will often show up in the same particular areas for an individual and will have triggers that can make it flare.
The change of seasons is often a time when these inflammatory skin conditions will be at their worst. Its definitely worth looking at environmental triggers, stress, diet, as well as topical products.
Choose any suncare products with great care – this can be one of the most aggravating things to sensitive skins. With chemical blocks being the worst, in my experience. Personally I would recommend going with a physical block, such as a zinc based lotion.

When skins flare up the doctor is often the first port of call, they can of course be of great help and will often prescribe medication. I really believe, there are other options before you head down that route and I’m always happy to help. I take a slightly different approach by looking at skin issues holistically. This means looking at a bigger picture rather than just sticking a band aid on the problem. It can mean dietary & lifestyle changes, stress management strategies, different skin care. It will be very much tailored to you as an individual. You can be absolutely assured that I will absolutely have your best interest at heart in getting a solution for you. The starting point is a Skin Care & Healing Consultation, click on the book now button to make a time.

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