Do you love doing facials but feel a bit stale? Do you feel like you really need a new massage routine, some new moves? Would you love to extend your skills or learn something new? Would you like to learn traditional holistic facial techniques such as Gua Sha and Kansa Wand? If you are a Beauty Therapist, Facialist, Skin Therapist or Massage Therapist who answered yes to any of those, read on.

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Lift & Glow Facelift Facials

Auckland Beautel, Auckland

Lift & Glow blends together a combination of techniques to create an effective, natural Facelift Facial. This 2 day workshop will teach you a 3 tiered approach to give you a thorough understanding of this type of facial so that you can get the best results for your clients.  The Lift & Glow Workshop will give you a strong, solid foundation in a treatment that is gaining more and more popularity as people look for natural, non-invasive alternatives to face care, vibrant ageing and selfcare. You will learn how to bring together advanced massage techniques including myofascial release, facial gua sha, facelift massage and intra-oral (buccal) massage.


Flowing Massage Focused Facials

Auckland Beautel, Auckland

You are your own unique selling point, nobody else has your quality of touch or subtle energy.  You can learn to tune into your own intuitive flow which will enable you to tune in to your clients on a whole new level. You’ll be able to observe and feel whats going on with them so that...


Gua Sha Facial Workshop

Auckland Beautel, Auckland

Gua Sha is a versatile technique that adds an extra dimension to your facials. Come and learn how to add Gua Sha this technique which gives excellent results quickly. A Gua Sha Facial will leave the skin glowing, it can be used for lifting, sculpting, eliminating muscle tension and easing adhesions tightness.


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Facial Refresher One on One Classes – by arrangement
Facial Massage for Massage Therapist – by arrangement