At Beautel, a Facial is a skin treatment but so much more.  With a wide range of natural techniques my therapeutic facials are created to support vibrant ageing, helping you to embrace getting older with grace by supporting skin health and wellbeing with a sensible, natural approach and organic botanical skin care.

Naturally nurturing skin to function optimally is where I'm at.  Using pure products and intuitive flowing facial massage to work in harmony with the skin. My facials are aimed at promoting healthy skin function.  Healthy skin is happy skin and happy skin glows with radiance.

The way your skin looks is a result of your health along with both mental and  physical wellbeing.  Relaxation is at the foundation of Beautel Facials, it's so important to give our bodies a chance to switch off from being busy all the time.  When we rest, we repair.  When we relax, it allows the body time to rebalance.   When we are in balance we feel good, when we feel good it shines from us.

From specific skin concerns to deep relaxation, from super hydration to deep cleansing, you can rest assured I will blend natural techniques and organic skincare to get the very best result for you and your skin.

Techniques include

European Facial Massage | Facial Gua Sha | Myofascial Release Massage | Yakov Sculptural Facelift |  |Aromatherapy | Natural Facelift Massage | Kansa Wand Facial | Marma Massage | Dr Vodder MLD |Facial Radiance

 Beautel Facials do NOT include machines, harsh products or aggressive treatments.

  • Ultimate Radiance

    Ultimate Radiance is a premium facial, a luxurious journey into deep relaxation.  You will feel rested and rejuvenated, you and your skin will be glowing.

    (Suitable for all skin types)


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  • Radiance

    Radiance Facials are all about encouraging the healthy function of your skin and bringing it into balance.  You can expect to feel and look radiant.

    Perfect for your first facial at Beautel.  Customised to suit all skin types and conditions.


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  • Calm - For Sensitive, Red and Reactive Skins

    Calm is specifically for delicate, sensitive skins and inflammatory conditions including acne, scars, burns, sun damage, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, puffy eyes and post cosmetic recovery.  This specialised facial is based on the Dr Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage, a super gentle, light touch therapy technique that helps support and calm delicate skins.


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  • Vitality - Ultimate Natural Sculptural Face Lifting

    Sculptural Face Lifting, sometimes called 'natures botox', is the ultimate in natural rejuvenation. A massage based, non-invasive way to lift and define contours, minimise lines, firm sagging skin, reduce puffiness and promote an even textured, refined complexion with glowing skin.

    The Vitality Facial is a natural lifting technique in a league of its own.  With a highly specialised massage, it works deeply into the facial muscles to sculpt and reshape the face.  Releasing tension and tightness in the facial muscles allows tone to return, encouraging removal of stagnation from beneath the skin and smoothing.  The result is a beautifully contoured face with vibrant, glowing skin.

    90 mins $195

    Course of 6 x 90mins - $975

    For optimum results a course of 6 - 10 treatments are recommended.

    *Please Note: You must wait 3 weeks after any injectables & a minimum
    of 6 weeks after facial cosmetic procedures. Not suitable during

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