I’m delighted to introduce Calm, a facial specifically designed for delicate, sensitive skins and inflammatory conditions including acne, scars, burns, sun damage, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, puffy eyes and post cosmetic recovery.

This specialised facial is based on the Dr Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage, a super gentle, light touch therapy technique that helps support and calm delicate skins.

A sensitive, or reactive skin, has a level of inflammation which needs soothing and calming. Stimulating any red condition will often accelerate issues, making the situation worse. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a technique that has stood the test of time. In a nutshell it helps to promote healthy skin by aiding fluid movement and waste removal, without over stimulating the area being treated.

Many of the red skin conditions such as eczema, for example, can be made worse with stress. We know that giving the body a chance to rest can help calm the stress responses, which has a positive influence on general health and wellbeing. Calm is very relaxing treatment, which will definitely tick the ‘rest’ box.

Effects & Benefits:
Calming & relaxing for mind, body and soul. Helps reduce stress and allow deep relaxation. Helps clear congestion & acne.
Can help reduce scar appearance.
Reduces swelling, puffiness & decreases inflammation, reduced redness
Drains excess fluid, toxic buildup & improves circulation by unclogging the lymph vessels
Strengthen the skin & immunity
After cosmetic procedures, MLD decreases bruising & aids in quicker recovery.

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