Earlier in the year, I travelled to Edingburgh to learn Dien Chan Zone.  Another technique to add to my repertoire.  But its turned out to be so much more than that.

That trip, it seems was just the starting point on my path of understanding the absolute importance of self-care and has given me a valuable tools in being able to support the wellbeing of my clients.

But what exactly is Dien Chan Zone? At its simplest, it is a deeply relaxing treatment that soothes and calms the central nervous system.  Its potential effects and benefits, however, are much more profound.

Gently stimulating reflex zones and points on the face taps into the bodies innate healing, triggering mechanisms that bring balance and harmony to the body.  This kind of treatment is helpful in treating dis-ease and keeps the body in a good state of health as a preventative option.  When our bodies are out of balance we often try to seek the cause, the why? In Dien Chan Zone we ask ‘Where does it hurt?’ Because that is where the body is calling for help.  This is what guides our treatment.

Treatments generally take 20-60 minutes, all that is asked is that you simply rest quietly. Most people find this time to be peaceful and meditative, this is when the nervous system is soothed, this is when the body can balance and heal.

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