Top 6 Summer Skin Savers

1) Compress your face regularly with cool water.  (click for how to)

2) Cleanse well at the end of the day with a gentle, milky cleanser. Avoid foam in any way shape or form if your skin is hot, dry, irritated.

3) Lighten up.  Pare back products. You may find a serum and sunscreen is enough for now.  My go to is a hydrating serum and lightweight sunscreen for daytime.

4) Spritz your skin throughout the day.  It quickly cools and hydrates leaving you feeling fresher. Janesce Floral Mists are ideal, they can be used over make-up and refresh skins quickly.

5) Drink plenty of water. Herbal iced teas are also great. Dial back on heating foods such as hot curries, chilli, coffee, alcohol, oranges.

6) Let me look after your skin  Summer Skin Saver 

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