I don’t know about you, but every year I promise myself not to get caught up in the mad dash towards Christmas, and every year, well, you know how that goes.  But, if ever there was a year for things to be done differently, it’s 2020!  So, my diary is organised and bookings are open for the lead up to Christmas.  Click the book now button to make you appointments.

Christmas Promises

My Christmas Promise

This year I’m not going to dash around panic buying ‘stuff’ that people neither want nor need.  This year I’m gifting in a much more thoughtful way.  This year I’m giving gifts of time spent doing something different, tickets to the theatre maybe, or a meal out for the family.  They’ll be vouchers for pampering (of course) and hand blended essential oil synergies, there may even be some liquor making, herb garden growing, home baking and jewellery making involved.  

Even typing this makes me feel so much more excited about Christmas this year.  But it does mean I need to get planning now.  If this sounds like a good plan to you and you need ideas for Pampering or Relaxation Vouchers just let me know.

Lets all look forward to a relaxed run up to Christmas this year. xx

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