Your skin is a smart, self balancing organism with a very clever built in feed back mechanism. Simply put, the skin cells on the surface relay information about the conditions on the skin. This means that if you keep stripping all the oil from the surface, with harsh or foaming cleansers, the feedback system will send back the message that more oil is needed and more and more. So, in a very simple nutshell, continually stripping the oil from the surface will in the long term add more oil into the mix neatly making matters worse.

The problem is often more to do with the quality of the oil (sebum) our skins produce. This can be influenced by hormones, health, diet and lifestyle factors. A good example is that during the hormonally turbulent teenage years, sebum gets thicker and stickier and tends to get stuck in follicles contributing to the common occurrence of spots during this time. We also know that a diet high in unhealthy fats will impact the quality of the oils and that stress can influence the quantity.

Sebum is part of our bodies defences, with a key role to play in protection against potential invaders like bacteria. Oil helps to keep our skin supple and hydrated. So, we don’t want to strip every shred of it, but we do want to maintain the quality and quantity at the right level. This is something a holistic approach to skin care can help you with. And the best place to start is with a Skin Wellness Consultation, which can be done online or in person.

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