Gua Sha – Nephrite Jade


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Nephrite Jade has a clearing energy,  the perfect weight stone to glide over your skin is giving just enough pressure to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate blood circulation to your, massage the lymphatic system, it also helps to reduce puffiness and  inflammation on the face, chin, forehead, and neck.

This multi sided Gua Sha tool is perfect for all levels of ability

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Gua Sha (“Gwa-Sa”) is a traditional Chinese technique used to stimulate the lymphatic system and relax muscles. It has a wealth of benefits including

  • clearer, smoother skin
  • reduced puffiness
  • gives a brighter, more glowing complexion

The Gua Sha tool is stroked gently along the skin in a sweeping outward/upward motion on the face.  Practicing Gua Sha on your face helps to release lymphatic fluid and the impurities it may contain, eliminating toxins, improving circulation, and activating the skin’s natural ability to heal itself. Fewer toxins and better circulation lead to clearer, nourished, glowing skin.  Gua Sha massage can also relieve tension in the muscles of the face, reducing lines and freeing adhesions which interfere with proper fluid flow.