This is my friend, and fellow Beauty Therapist, Julia.  She was a case study model for me when I was first learning natural facelift massage.  Julia is the embodiment of holistic health and has always looked after her skin.  I can honestly say I really wasn’t expecting to see too much of a change.  But, as you can see, the results are great.  This was purely from natural facelift massage on its own.

The natural facelift massage is now part of something even better

The Natural Facelift Facial

A deeply relaxing treatment, anti-gravity workout for your face.  As with all my treatments, this facial is completely tailored to your individual needs.  We can focus on baggy eyes, sallow skin, furrowed brows, droopy jowls, whatever you feel your skin needs.  What we can’t do is make you look 16 again but we can promote beautiful, healthy, glowing skin and get you looking your best, whatever age you are.  This is an effective way to rejuvenate your skin without resorting to harsh chemicals, aggressive or invasive treatments.

I’ve been getting such fantastic results with Natural Facelift Facials that I wanted to give you chance to get in and be looking and feeling your best in time for summer and the festive season.  You’ve still got 8 weeks until Christmas, plenty of time!

Book in for your first facial before the end of October and receive a beautiful gift.
A limited edition Rose Petal Soaking Ritual Pack valued at $51.50

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