Sunscreens can be a source of irritation for skins. Particularly sensitive skins with any level of redness and areas of compromised barrier function.

Sunscreens basically fall into two categories. Physical blocks and chemical blocks. The first acts like a shield, deflecting the UV away. The second absorbs the suns rays and then dissipates them out through heat.

If you have any level of sensitivity, my recommendation would be to opt for a physical sunscreen. Most sensitive skins have a level of inflammation and you really don’t want to be adding to the heat that’s already there. My pick would be O Cosmedics Mineral Pro. With high level of zinc oxide and the potent anti-oxidant resveratrol, this gives protection from UV rays and free radical damage. It goes on easily and comes in clear or tinted. Available in salon or online (click here)

the difference between sunscreens

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