Sensitive skin is incredible common, and may be caused by a number of factors including allergies, aggressive or stripping skin care routines, prolonged cortico steroid use, roaccutane treatment, lowered immune system and a genetic predisposition.

What most sensitive skins have in common is a weak or stripped protective barrier.   This barrier is made mainly of sweat, sebum (oil) and water. It’s main function is to defend the skin, it also helps the skin to maintain its suppleness and moisture.

We’ve been marketed into believing that clean is good, scrubbing is fantastic and the more bubbles the better.  Unfortunately, over cleansing is the single biggest factor in the cause of many skin conditions because it quickly strips the protective barrier leaving skin unprotected and vulnerable.  Certainly what we put on our skin is a big part of the picture but to get really lasting results, we have to look at the big picture, which is where holistic beauty comes in.

We are in such an age of discovery, more and more is being learnt about the gut/skin relationship and the wonderful world of the skins microbiome.  The more I learn, the more convinced I become that we need a gentle, natural approach skin care and a rounded, holistic approach that considers the whole person.  

For a sensitive skin, this means gently rebuilding its strength and resilience, rather than just tackling symptoms.  Products used on the skin will initially be parred right back to a very simple hypersensitive regime which will calm and restore.  We’ll take a good look at diet and lifestyle.  This can either be done in person, when you visit for a skin health consultation, or can be organised via email and Skype.

When you’re ready to take a gentler way with sensitive skin, I’ll be here to help
Melanie – Holistic Skincare and Beauty Therapist

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