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Life in my bubble seems to have settled into a new kind of normal and the days seem to fill in a different way, but fill they still do.  It’s a very different experience for everyone and I wouldn’t dream of every telling you how to be in this weird old time, but I wanted to share a few things that I’m finding good right now.  Plus a few essential oils tips, right at the end.   Hopefully you’ll find the info and links useful.

I’ve posted a couple of self massage videos on my facebook page if you’d like some ideas for that, one is a quick face massage the other a scalp.  There’s a pressure point massage coming this week plus an eye area one for lifting, soothing and de-puffing.

*Food*  I love to cook and since my daughter decided to go vegan, I’m embracing the challenge to explore vegan food beyond soy-based plant based ready foods.  So far, so very interesting.  As a family, our veggie intake has vastly improved.  I can thoroughly recommend you check out Rebel Recipes for vegan recipes and  Anna Jones for tweakable vegetarian options.

* Reading* I’ve always loved a good book and generally have a few on the go at any given time.  At the moment my upstairs book is How Not to Diet by Michael Gregor, very interesting and good to read just a few pages at a time.  Downstairs I’m reading Aromatree by Salvatore Battaglia, the concept is great and if you’re interested in aromatherapy its worth a look through.  Audiobooks mean I can combine exercise and ‘reading’, today I started listening to Goddesses Never Age by Dr Christiane Northrup – if you haven’t come across her before, please check her out, she is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge on all things women’s bodies and health.

* Exercise*  Every day I quietly thank John Logan Campbell for gifting us Cornwall Park, I’ve walked there just about everyday since this all began.  It gives me exercise and fresh away along with some ‘me time’.  I’m also doing daily yoga and find very useful for follow along classes.  They offer a 2 week free trial, which is definitely worth a go, classes start from as little as 10 minutes and there are levels from beginners up.

Ways to use Essential Oils
Did you know a really simple way to use essential oils is to pop a drop or 2 on a tissue?
Just take a paper tissue, drip oil onto it, then inhale deeply 2 – 3 times. Your nose and nasal passages fill with essential oil molecules which can then get to work.  I would then fold up the tissue so the oils don’t come into contact with anything, then tuck the tissue in my pillow case, if I was heading to bed, in my bra during the day or even the air vent in the car is good if you’re driving.  

In this time when we can easily feel anxious, oils to calm, ground and balance could be great choices.  Bergamot, Neroli, Geranium and Patchoulie would be good, plus many more besides.  Any of them would be good on their own or mixed, 3 drops max in total. Enjoy x

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