Intuitively, we all know that relaxing therapies can reduce #stress and relieve #pain. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage or #MLD has a profound effect on stress.

Persistently high level of stress are a major contributor to lifestyle diseases and the growth of the ‘wellness’ industry is an indication that we are becoming more aware of stress as an underlying contributor to poor health.

The body needs periods of calmness and rest for overall wellbeing, along with good digestion and tissue repair. This is why I place so much value in the relaxation aspect of a facial treatment. It is also why I promote the value in taking time out for rest and relaxation. Research has shown that treatment of the face with massage techniques has the quickest and most profound effect on stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. This means the sympathetic nervous system, the fight or flight state, is down regulated and the parasympathetic, the rest and digest state, comes into play. When this happens the body is better able to rebalance, reset and be well. So if you think a facial is just about skin care, think again.

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