Vitamin C is a skin health essential. It an anti-oxidant that helps protect your skin for free radicals. It’s also essential for collagen production and to support strong capillaries.

As a topical ingredient it is notoriously unstable, can be very irritating to the skin (if not buffered property) and its often in quantities so small it’s unlikely to do much at all. That’s why I’m a big fan of getting your nutrients from your diet.

Remember you can’t store vitamin C, so a daily intake is needed. Add in plenty of veggies from a rainbow of colours, a little bit of fruit too.

Bestow Berry Beautiful is a great addition for skin health, packed full of high quality anti-oxidants, like vitamin C, it made from real, nutrient rich foods, like blueberries and kelp. Pop a teaspoon in your smoothie and you’re done.

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