Hot Stone Fusion Massage   – Tension melting Hot Stone Massage. Smooth basalt stones are gently warmed to just the right temperature, then incorporated into the massage, the warmth from the heated stones transfers into the muscles melting tightness and tension away. You will feel warmed, comforted and relaxed. Book Now

Relaxing Back Massage   – A stress melting, blissfully relaxing treatment for back, neck and shoulders. Massage is well known to help sooth tired, tight or sore muscles. It can also ease headaches, boosts natural immunity and promotes restful sleep. This treatment targets areas of tension using slow, flowing strokes to encourage the muscles to relax and the whole nervous system to calm. You will feel rested and restored.       Book Now

Herbal Treat for Happy Feet   – Tired, sore aching feet?  This is for you.  Starting with a herbal foot soak with mineral salts and a softening scrub. Then a super softening foot mask is applied before a beautiful, sore foot relieving massage.  You will be walking on air.  Gorgeous as a stand alone treatment or an excellent addition to any facial.    Book Now

Please feel free to email with any questions you may have – to book click here Book Now

Relaxing Bliss Back Massage